Anchor Janitorial Services focuses on creating custom cleaning services for each of our clients.  We work with each location to determine their individual needs and put together a great schedule that fits their budget


We use state-of-the-art equipment, such as Pro-Team back pack vacuums, Sanitaire upright vacuums, and Rubbermaid mop equipment.  We also utilize Stearns chemical tablets in order to save costs by eliminating chemical waste on job sites. 

Upon client request we also use Green Cleaning solutions to be environmentally friendly.

Our Janitorial Operations Manager personally trains and monitors each cleaner to ensure that they are meeting the expectations and standards that we have set forth as a company.

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janitorial service.

  • "Their cleaning crew is thorough, efficient, and flexible with the hours we require.  Of the cleaning services we have tried, we found Anchor Janitorial to be the best.  I highly recommend them to anyone needing professional cleaning services for your office or building."

                                     - Pastor Jeff, Genesis Church

  • "Anchor Janitorial has been our go to service for some time now.  The customer service has been outstanding, with prompt responses and follow ups.  Highly recommended!"

                                      -Bronson E., Office Manager

  • "We have used Anchor Janitorial for multiple years now and have had a great experience with their janitorial and floor services.  Their employees are well-trained and very professional.  Jarred has been a pleasure to work with.  He is very attentive to our needs and makes sure we are constantly getting the best services possible."


                                       -Terri F., Building Manager


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