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Kristen Allen, Janitorial Operations Manager

Jarred has worked for Anchor Janitorial Services since he was a boy.  He began working as a day porter during the summer while in high school.  After graduating from Colorado State University in 2008 with his Business degree, Jarred entered the corporate world.  After his first year, Jarred decided that his heart was with the family business and started working for Anchor Janitorial as a Manager in 2009.  After a few years of learning to run the business, Jarred took over as Owner in 2013.  Over the last 8 years Jarred has coached youth hockey, baseball, and football.  After getting married in 2015 Jarred volunteers to help coach his daughter's sports teams.

Leadership of Anchor Janitorial Services


Kristen has worked for Anchor Janitorial for over 4 years.  She began working on construction clean projects and in short time became a site manager, responsible for the quality of work and management of our cleaners.  Eventually Kristen began working on the janitorial side of the business.  Kristen brings over 20 years of professional cleaning experience to her position.  She is currently in charge of training and managing personnel and maintains a close working relationship with clients to ensure that services are up to the standards of Anchor Janitorial.

Jarred Quintana, Owner